Construction Standards and Forms

Construction standards are provided to define requirements to unify the procedures of design, construction, and operation in accordance with the City of Burbank’s standard methods and practices. These standards are intended as guidelines and not specifications. For comments or questions, please contact BWP’s Electrical Division at (818) 238-3575.


1PH Pad 4X4.5 Clearance Requirements S-461G   Primary Riser Pole Grounding Requirements
BE-119A S-462E   Cable Box with Slab
BWP Rules and Regs for Multi-unit apartments S-464K   1PH TFMR Pad Details
Commercial - Overhead Service Procedures S-474    Padmount TFMR Retaining Wall Detail
Commercial - Underground Service Procedures S-615B   4X6.5 Pullbox Grounding Requirements
DOC062113-0006 S-616    Switch Pad with Pullbox
DOC062113-0013 S-670B   4X6 Pullbox Grounding Requirement
EUSERC G6 S-706A   Riser Detail
EUSERC G7 S-707    Residential Underground Service
Residential Overhead Service Procedures S-708    GO95 CLEARANCES
Residential Underground Service Procedures S-709    Temporary Electric Service Requirements
S-330U   3PH 6X8.5 TFMR Pad Details S-713    Secondary Riser Detail
S-401D   Residential Periscope Service S-714    Ladder Accessibility
S-401E   Residential Periscope Service S-723    3PH 8X10 TFMR Pad Details
S-402D   Residential Periscope Service Installation Without Eaves S-724    3PH 6x8.5 TFMR Pad Clearance Requirements
S-402E   Residential Periscope Service Installation Without Eaves S-725    3PH 8X10 TFMR Pad Clearance Requirements
S-458A   Barrier Post Detail S-727A   Residential Periscope Service - Below Eaves Attachment
S-459A   Underground Service Pedestal S-733    Commercial Underground Service Pedestal
S-460H   3X5X5 Pullbox Grounding Requirement Underground Construction Specifications