Electric Vehicles


Charging Station Rebate Details

Residential and commercial customers who install a Level 2 (240V) EV charger are eligible for a rebate from BWP. Applicant must be an active BWP electric customer or charge their vehicle at a location with an active BWP electric account.



Time of Use Electric Rate

The Time of Use (TOU) rate offers different electric costs at different times of the day. TOU rates are optional for residential customers, but mandatory for customers applying for the EV Charger rebate.

Learn About TOU Rates

Read the introduction to Time of Use rates for more information.

Time of Use Agreement

To qualify for the rebate, you must agree to be put on the TOU rate.


Electric Vehicle Charging Locations

Burbank has 28 EV charging stations at 14 sites, including our new Level 3 DC Fast Charger at the Lakeside Shopping Center on Pass Avenue. Chargepoint stations have a Level 1 (120V) and a Level 2 (240V) charger. Each Greenlots station has a dual Level 2 charger. 




Chargepoint chargers require an account or RFID enabled credit card.
Greenlots chargers require an account or regular credit card.  
For additional charging station details, please use



Burbank Charging Station Costs

Charging station costs at Burbank stations varies by the time of day. There is no minimum or maximum charge to charge your vehicle.

Off-Peak Hours

Charging costs are $0.1781 per kWh for Level 1 & 2, and $0.2890 per kWh for Level 3.

Summer Peak Hours (4p-7p)

Charging costs are $0.3117 per kWh for Level 1 & 2, and $0.5058 per kWh for Level 3.


Additional Credits and Rebates

Is an EV right for you? Find out here! For rebate questions, contact BWP Conservation at (818) 238-3730. For Burbank Building Division permit information call (818) 238-5220.

IRS Tax Credit Information

The IRS offers a Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit.

California Rebate Program

You may qualify for a rebate from the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.