Lifeline and LifeSupport

What is the Lifeline and Life Support Program?

The Lifeline and Life Support program offers a individuals with special needs a reduced electric rate and an exemption from the monthly Customer Service Charge and the Utility User's Tax.


Program Qualifications & Requirements

Customers must be (1) a senior over 62; (2) a person with a permanent disability or require the use of life support in their home, and (3) meet income requirements to qualify for the program. Customers without a disability must have the utility service in their name. Customers with a disability must submit a physician form stating the disability is permanent does not require the Utility Service to be under his/her name.

Household Income Requirements

To qualify for the Lifeline and Life Support program, customers must have the appropriate
income level based on household size pictured below.



Apply for Lifeline and Life Support


Lifeline Application

Do you qualify? Download the application to apply for Lifeline.

Lifeline FAQ

Have questions about the program? Check out the FAQs.