Refrigerator Round-Up

Program Eligibility

Your secondary refrigerator or freezer must be 10 cubic feet or larger and fully operable. Mini refrigerators, wine coolers, dorm coolers, and commercial sized refrigerators are not eligible. Participants must have an ACTIVE BWP electrical account for the billing credit to apply.


What if My Secondary Refrigerator Isn't Working? 

If your appliance is not fully operable, it can be removed and recycled at no cost with the City of Burbank’s Bulky Item Pick-Up division at (818) 238-3805. Any appliance that is scheduled for removal through the City of Burbank Bulky Item Pick-Up division will NOT receive the billing credit. 


Ready to Recycle Your Refrigerator/Freezer?

Call (888) 333-3938 to schedule your Refrigerator Round-Up appointment!
It can take 1-2 months after the pick up of your refrigerator or freezer for the billing credit to appear on your billing statement. The billing credit is limited to ONE bill credit per address every five years.