Turf Replacement

Funds Currently Depleted

Turf Replacement program funds are currently depleted. For application status, rebate processing, or to request an extension, please call SoCalWaterSmart at (888) 376-3314.



Pre-Approved Applications

Residents or businesses who applied or received pre-approval for their projects prior to July 9, 2015 will receive a total of $3 per square foot ($2 from MWD, $1 from BWP), assuming all terms have been satisfied. Applicants receiving approval after July 9, 2015 may only receive $1 per square foot. 

Program Requirements

Before you begin your turf project, make sure you read all the program requirements and guidelines.

Burbank Parkway Policies

Burbank has specific guidelines about what can be put in parkways.

BWP Program Terms

SoCalWater$mart and BWP program terms must be met in order to receive a rebate.



Gardening Resources

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